(not) parkrun*



Event #9
Sunninghill (not)parkrun*

10 Oct 2020, 8am

Event number nine! Join us again as we continue our runs in remembrance of the real thing.


Meet Grace Avenue complex entrance, 7:50am

Start Spitfire Street Cul-de-sac, 8:00am


5km We're returning to one of our first routes—Sunninghill Estate. Starting in our usual spot we'll run down Waterfall Drive turning right at Sunninghill Village and take a quick left through the pedestrian gate onto Tesla Crescent, which leads into a full anti-clockwise loop of Edison crescent. We then head home.

Let's see who improves on their original times from event #2.

GPX View or download the route here

#Protect yourself

COVID-19 It hardly feels like we're in lockdown anymore. Don't forget to wear face masks or buffs, and remember to keep a socially-distanced 2 metres from other runners/walkers.


Self-timed Please record your time and route with a GPS device.

Result Upload your result to Strava and to your official parkrun profile.


After party As always we gather for coffee after the event.

#Have fun

It's not a race Smile and wave to everyone else on the route. Don't worry about your time. Take photos and share them with each other.


Is caring Tell your friends to join us——but not too many yet (we don't want to be accused of hosting an organised event).

Event #8 3 Oct 2020, 8am

"Race" report

We followed the Sunninghill Striders Time Trial route—with alternate start/finish points.

Our founding members were all reunited, and a welcome to Keith who joined us for the first time (he incorporated our run into his 10km, so unfortunately there's no official (not)parkrun time for him.

Event #7 26 Sep 2020, 8am

"Race" report

Probably our toughest route so far—all the way down van der Bijl and then straight back up. It wasn't fun.

Mmankitseng finally joined us after claiming Saturdays are her "long run" days since we first invited her (she and Garron did put in an earlier long run though—accounts for the slower times, I suppose).

Noticeable absence this week was Bobbie who was away in Clarens.


  1. Robin Ford 28:46
  2. Garron Gray 29:40
  3. Charles Joubert 42:28
  4. Mmankitseng Mametse 42:45

Event #6 19 Sep 2020, 8am

"Race" report

Solid performances all round this morning. Garron dropped some ninja dust at the top of van der Bijl to set new 1km and 1 mile PBs (admittedly, it was downhill), and then had to cling on for the rest of the 4kms. Robin came in second. And Bobbie rounded out the podium with a very consistent back half.


  1. Garron Gray 24:10
  2. Robin Ford 25:49
  3. Bobbie Crowther 26:25

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Event #9

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